Welcome to the Driftwood Archives, a collection of artwork, stories, and lore that explores the world of Driftwood. It is a world of dark places bearing a brutal history, host to the beleaguered peoples who inhabit it and the captivating ideas that haunt them. Here you will uncover everything this universe has to offer, along with its promises and betrayals. Mind your footing, traveller—each step may be your last.

To attempt to fit Driftwood within a stereotype or genre would fail to do it justice, as it finds itself overlapping several. Within this universe can be found inspiration drawn from dark fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalypse, and horror genres. While it primarily could be considered dark fantasy (the place where horror and fantasy meet), some beings pour from airborne fortresses of steel set adrift in the clouds on the winds of sorcery with technological hybrid weapons pounding arcane rounds into enemies at a distance in mock imitation of some future era.




Driftwood revolves around the cosmos—a number of distinct overlapping worlds and realities called planes. Mankind is a central force in some of these worlds, but in places their hold is pushed back or threatened by others. Most of the artwork and stories will focus on the material plane of Teth’amir, a place of vast history and filled with kingdoms of many different peoples. Driftwood is filled with magic, permeated with the flowing arcane power some relate to the wind or a stream.

Once, the First Men spread throughout the cosmos driven by the knowledge the physically diminutive but incredibly intelligent Keth gifted upon them. It was by the folly of ambition and the hubris of Mankind that the ancient beings known as the Great Old Ones stirred, drawn to the material plane, called in greed of knowledge. They were the unmaking of the First Men, and though eventually banished from this realm, the consequence of that amount of unfettered magic was costly, separating nations from one another and isolating them worlds apart.


the scourge

The world thrived, home to Mankind and Keth, who shared it with the colossal Titans and their descendants, the Giants. In time, other races like the Dwarves—towering beings descended from Giants and despite their name standing head and shoulders above Men—and the Aos Daoine—lithe and ethereal outsiders come to this world in refuge—joined the fold and began to share the same lands.

Then the darkness came.

The Time of Despair brought with it the Scourge, a mass event spanning worlds that wreaked havoc on untold levels. The sun was blotted out for weeks and many went insane. Demons crawled from shadows into the material and the dead rose to devour the living. Plague and disease spread like wildfire. With it came also the destruction of worlds and relocation to others, most notably in the case of both the migration of the Concord of Birthright and the vanishing of entire countries. The majority believe that this was random happenstance and do not know the cause, while others blame the gods, whether random or provoked.



For over three thousand years the world suffered the Age of the Sunless Sky, withering under the watchful eye of Maeldoreth. The world changed drastically nonetheless, with more students of magic than ever before, the surge of technology brought by the peoples of Birthright, and prophesy shared through whispers of a woman who would unite the world against the darkness and bring the dawn of a new age.

Her name was Raelyn Malora, fiery-haired and eyes ablaze like the sun, and the world rose to follow her banner as one. However, prophecy folded upon itself when the revolution called the Dawn War came and went, ending with the death of the prophesied savior at the hands of a creature called Anaurlyth, who became known as the Destroyer of Prophecy. The world remains in the Age of the Sunless Sky, suffocating beneath the weight of Anaurlyth's legions.