WELCOME TO HAERT — Large 16x20 Limited Edition Print

WELCOME TO HAERT — Large 16x20 Limited Edition Print


Limited Edition Matte Print — Large 16” x 20”
Only 50 will ever be printed.

This signed and numbered edition is printed on 88lb. Ultra Premium Polar Matte archival grade stock.

"The first time I had the generous offer of accompanying an entourage to the City of Haert, I should have set my haggling aside, laid negotiations out of sight, and gone for no fee. The stories preceding the great city did it no justice. I will never forget it's former glory.

To say it was magnificent would not be enough. Walls tall enough to cast shadow across a giant of legend wreathed a maze of irregular buildings, none fashioned alike. Smoke poured from dozens of orifices, light cast warm pools in the settling smog, and angular shadows danced in protest. Five towers climbed higher than the rest, the tallest bearnig an emerald cast and shimmering in the late morning light." -- From the travel journal of Rhyd Lanestrider, date unknown

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