THE NIGHT UNFURLS — Large 16x20 Limited Edition Print

THE NIGHT UNFURLS — Large 16x20 Limited Edition Print


Limited Edition Matte Print — Large 16 x 20”
Only 50 will ever be printed.

This signed and numbered edition is printed on 88lb. Ultra Premium Polar Matte archival grade stock.

The air shimmered and solidified into the form of a tall man draped with crimson, an impossible number of layers weaving and cascading around his figure as if they were alive. His eyes were pinpoints of red light set in empty sockets of a sunken visage flayed and grotesque. Don’t look at me. Gods, please don’t let him look at me. An incredible headpiece rested upon his head like no crown she had ever seen, golden embellishments woven with deep red and swirling up like elegant fingers grasping for a red gem suspended in air inches above. Behind his head floated a slab of some kind of metal or stone, almost the size of an anvil and inscribed with lines of arcane writing pulsating softly with a red glow. A long and full grey beard thoroughly streaked with dried blood writhed, strands weaving and snaking slowly around each other as if trying to crawl away from the hideous face. Her stomach wretched and she had to exert all of herself to prevent ruining her cover by vomiting.

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