HARBINGER OF DUSK — Standard 11x14 Limited Edition Print

HARBINGER OF DUSK — Standard 11x14 Limited Edition Print


Limited Edition Matte Print — Standard 11” x 14”
Only 100 will ever be printed.

This signed and numbered edition is printed on 88lb. Ultra Premium Polar Matte archival grade stock.

Some call it the Sight while others name it prophesy, and the names cast upon those who have the gift are too many to list here. Oracle. Prophet. Herald. Seeker. Diviner. Witch.

Elsbet Aerwin is a girl with an immense aptitude toward divination, the magical branch dealing with the acquisition of knowledge, primary in the area of foresight into the future. Little more than a student of magic at Acaedum Sorcere in the city of Haert, Elsbet's life was forever changed when she saw the death of the prophecies savior of the world, Raelyn Malora, in visions as vivid as the world around her.

"Who can know when the leaves will fall? You see the signs, the telltale shifts in color and composition of the tree, but you know not the hour of a leaf's descent any more than your brother does." -- village sage

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