Playmat — 24” x 14”

This playmat measures 24” x 14” and 1/16” thick. Playmat comes unsigned.

Raelyn dedicated her life to becoming a sorcerer, eventually falling under knowledgeable tutelage that allowed her to hone her self-taught talents and apply them to her weapons. In time, many scholars and religious practitioners recited lines of prophecy from the old books, convinced that she was the savior foretold of; all of which she rejected until the very end.

When Maeldoreth the Dark Terror crossed the borders of Illyrio the ground shook with the footfalls of forty thousand darklings, and the races of free peoples made their stand at the city of Haert. Raelyn rallied an army to stand against the gathering storm, fulfilled the prophecy, and took Maeldoreth’s head from his still writhing body with her blade.

All celebration of victory was ended short mere hours later when Raelyn was confronted and taken by surprise, ultimately slain in the streets of her own city by an otherworldly being called Anaurlyth. He hastily fell upon Haert and seized control of it with a minimal army of followers, brutally killing any bold enough to challenge him that night.

"I sank, into nothingness. Time stretched thin into crawling eternity as I slipped from my own body, falling away as my magic fled. I could taste blood—not on my lifeless tongue but in my mind, the last memory I had of my fleeting mortality." - Raelyn Malora

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